Report Summary
Social Security Administration
Office of the Inspector General

Performance Review of the Social Security Administration's Contract with E-Structors, Inc. for the Disposal of Sensitive Documents (Limited Distribution) (A-15-08-28012)

Our objectives were to determine if the contractor was complying with the contract terms and applicable regulations and to ensure the Social Security Administration's (SSA) personnel were properly monitoring the contract.

The Office of Facilities Management (OFM) is responsible for ensuring a healthy, safe and secure workplace for Social Security employees nationwide. OFM is composed of several offices, including the Office of Environmental Health and Occupational Safety, the Office of Protective Security Services, the Emergency Preparedness and Information Systems Management staffs, and the Office of Buildings Management.

Based on our review of contract documentation and observations at SSA buildings and the contractor's facilities, we did not note any exceptions with the contractor's performance. However, we did identify several issues with the handling of sensitive waste material within the SSA buildings. We made three recommendations and the Agency agreed with those recommendations.

This report contains restricted information for official use. Distribution is limited to authorized officials.