Report Summary
Social Security Administration Office of the Inspector General

March 2010

Congressional Response Report:  The Good Cause Provision Under the Fugitive Felon Program 


To evaluate the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) use of the good cause provision for fugitive felons and probation or parole violators.


On October 22, 2009, several members of Congress asked us to review SSA’s application of the good cause provision in the Agency’s fugitive felon program. 

Before SSA takes action to suspend benefit payments to fugitive felons or parole or probation violators, it sends the beneficiary a notice about the warrant information the Agency has received and the impact it may have on benefit payments.  The notice also advises the beneficiary of his or her rights to file an appeal or request a waiver.  Finally, the letter informs the beneficiary of the conditions that must be met for the Agency to find there is good cause to continue the benefit payments.  

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Our Findings

Generally, SSA administered the good cause provision effectively when individuals requested exemption under the good cause provision.  SSA informs beneficiaries of the good cause provision, but the Agency only reviews cases for possible good cause exemptions when requested by the beneficiary.  Responses to the specific information Congress requested are included in the report.