Report Summary
Social Security Administration Office of the Inspector General

June 2010

The Social Security Administration’s Post-Implementation Review Process


To assess the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Post-Implementation Review (PIR) Framework and provide matters of consideration


The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) defines a PIR as a diagnostic tool to evaluate the overall effectiveness of an agency’s capital planning and acquisition process.  SSA contracted with Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) to develop a framework for conducting PIRs. BAH developed the Framework and used it to perform a PIR on SSA’s iClaim application.  Agency staff stated that the Framework was a work in progress and had not been formally approved.  Although the Framework was not formally approved, SSA continued to perform PIRs using it.

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Our Findings

In a 2007 Office of Inspector General report, we stated SSA’s PIR policy generally met OMB requirements.  However, SSA did not conduct any PIRs.  Our current evaluation found SSA’s PIR process, as described in its PIR Framework, needed enhancements to provide an effective PIR process that meets Federal and SSA requirements.  We identified three areas in which the Framework needed improvement.

Our Recommendations

The Agency should consider:

  1. Incorporating all Federal requirements into its PIR Framework
  2. Incorporating GAO’s more common PIR policies and procedures to help ensure each IT investment is evaluated consistently and PIRs are conducted efficiently and effectively
  3. Integrating existing CPIC and Project Management information into its PIR process.